Out on loan

mail nowA musical instrument should be played. Therefore, the instruments of the museum can be given out on loan to Dutch archtop players for special occasions or just for a certain period of time. Feel free to contact us about details.

 Epiphone De Luxe 6104
Currently out on loan  to Ton van Bergeijk for recording truefire online guitar lessons.
DeLuxe 6104 top small

 Epiphone Devon  66820
Currently out on loan  to Max Appelman guitar student at the Conservatorium Zwolle.

 Epiphone Triumph 15211
Out on loan in 2017 to Berend Rombouts guitar teacher at Gitaar Instituut Friesland.

 Epiphone De Luxe 54119
Out on loan in 2016/2017 to Dutch archtop guitarplayer Maarten Keesman.
Maarten Keesman on loan

 Epiphone De Luxe 12188
Out on loan in May/June 2017 to Berry Selles, Dutch guitarist and teacher for recording purposes.

 Epiphone Devon  66820
Out on loan in 2016-2017 to Henk van Benthem guitar teacher at the Conservatorium Zwolle.
Henk van Benthem devon on loan

 Epiphone De Luxe 6254
Out on loan in 2016 to Dutch guitar and banjo player Ton van Bergeijk who plays the instrument on his Truefire instructional DVD.
ton on loan

 Epiphone Emperor  14597
Out on loan in 2014-2016 to Sander Eggen guitarist in the Central Heat Big Band.
SanderEggen on loan