Emperor s/n 10465

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Emperor s/n 10465: pictures

The museum purchased the Emperor s/n 10465 August 2014 online from Andrew Vazquez, Lees Summit, MO. Before that the guitar was offered for sale at Elderly.com. No further history known. The late John Lambdin  made a vintage correct compensating tailpiece. (see John’s scribble below)

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De Luxe 12201 bridge

NOTE : The f-holes on the very early Emperors run more parallel to the strings and have a length of 7½ inch, which is a ½ inch more than those of later years.

NOTE: The instrument has a bridge with s/n 12201 blind stamped on the underside of the bridgefoot. The bridge once was a part of the De Luxe s/n 12201, which emerged  April 2015 at archtopcom. One wonders whether the original bridge of the Emperor is still around somewhere. If you have any information on the matter, please let us know.

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