Epiphone Royal

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The Royal was introduced in 1931 and discontinued in 1934. It was offered Auditorium size (15½ inch) and priced $85 in the 1932 catalog and $95 in the 1933 flyer. The 1932 catalog states:  catalog 1932

Wiedler wrote us January 2013: “I have never seen an example with asymmetrical headstock as mentioned in F&F. And all Royals I know of including 1933 models have double dots at frets 7+12. I see now where Fisch/Fred got their idea from that the 1933 Royal had single dots: The one pictured on plate C-22 of their book is like that. However I am convinced that this fretboard is a replacement (maybe from a later Olympic?). An original 1933 fretboard would have a curved end.”

According to Wiedler Epiphone produced from 1932-’33 around 220 Royals of which now 30 examples have been registered.

Epiphone catalog 1932