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welcome smallto the Dutch Archtop Guitar Museum (DAM), a Dutch museum with a collection of American jazzguitars out of the so called Golden Era.  Admission to this “Epicurians delight” (quote John Breslin) is free if you bring your love for archtop guitars with you.

The Dutch Archtop Guitar Museum is a museum and a project at the same time. It is a genuine museum since there are real authentic instruments on display and it is a project because its website is an on going process in publishing information about historic acoustic archtops.

The main event of the museum is the Historic Epiphone Archtop Collection. The collection provides a complete overview of all the six-string acoustic archtop models Epiphone produced from 1931 until 1957 when the Epiphone Company was taken over by Gibson-CMI. see  acquisition

The museum’s aim is to continue the work of Jim Fisch and L.B. Fred regarding the information on the six string Epiphone acoustic archtops from 1931 until 1957. So, if you happen to own a historic Epiphone archtop yourself, just let us know and we will surely get back to you.

Aside from the Epiphone collection, the museum displays some other archtop guitars from the same time period.

For an acoustic guitar glossery see : Sheehans
For a brief introduction to the archtop guitar see :  Fernando Alonso Jaén

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