Epiphone Olympic

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When Epiphone introduced their Masterbilt archtop guitars in 1931, the Olympic was the least expensive instrument. It was offered in Concert size with a 13 5/8 inch body and priced $ 30. The 1932 catalog states:  catalog 1932

Wiedler wrote us July 2015: “The Olympic was in the first catalog as “Concert” size (like Zenith). The info that it was only 13” wide in 1931, and widened to 13 5/8” by c.1933, was already in Gruhn’s Guide 1991 and repeated all over since. However, all pre-1935 examples I know actually seem to be 13 5/8” wide like the early Zenith,  also the earliest in the registry – SN 5752. I never heard of a smaller Olympic. The same goes for the Beverly model (earliest SN 5478).”  See also  : Olympic s/n 6851 and Olympic s/n 5454

According to Wiedler Epiphone produced from 1932-’44 around 4100 Olympics of which now 333 examples have been registered.

Epiphone catalog 1934