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As far as we know, this is the earlyist Royal to date. The museum purchased the instrument October 2011 online from LA Guitar Sales, Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood. The guitar came in a Sorrentino case (manufactured by Geib & Schaefer). No further history known.

The Royal was a rather short-lived model: Still listed in the 1933 flyer (with price increased to $95), but phased out by the time the 1934 catalog was published. It was replaced by the $100 “Spartan”, a new 16 3/8″ model with a round soundhole. Due to the brief production period, Epiphone Royals are among the less commonly seen Masterbilt models: Only 15 examples are documented in our Registry so far. Although I am pretty sure this figure only represents a fraction of the total model production, I doubt that more than a hundred or two were made. (Wiedler : Royal s/n 5721)

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