Zenith s/n 7047


Zenith s/n 7047 : pictures

The museum purchased the instrument September 2010 online from Joe Mendoza of Best Guitars , 9th Ave, New York, NY. No further history known.

Together with the guitar came the guarantee-card. Note that the letterpressed model name Olympic has a handwritten correction Zenith. It is from the same hand and pencil  as seen on the foot of the bridge. Guarantee-card

Wiedler wrote us November 2014:  “I just heard from the current owner of Triumph 7039 (which I have listed as 5039). The guitar has all the features of the earliest Triumph model – 15+ inch body, walnut back, zigzag diamond fretboard, asymmetric headstock, reverse tailpiece. I now received photos of the serial number – clearly 7039. I tend to believe it was probably mis-stamped at the factory: a 7 instead of a 5. But who knows. Interestingly, the same seems to be the case with its bench mate Triumph 7038/5038 Well, mistakes can always happen, and they did … your Guarantee card is a nice example.”

Zenith 7047 specs
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