Tudor s/n 7449

Tudor 7449 : pictures

There are only five Tudors known to exist of which now four are registered. This particular instrument emerged January 2019 and is now owned by Mark DiNatale. Tommy Graves at Vermont Guitarworks Hospital completed the restoration November 2019. Mark wrote us February 2019 :

“This was my grandfather’s (Patrick DiNatale), still trying to confirm when he acquired it. I believe new. The damage was from me in the mid 70’s when I was little playing in the case and on it pretending they were boats. Been in the case and in a closet since. If you look close there is an odd tuner that was replaced. That was broke by my mother when she was little and also playing in the case (her estimate late 40’s). It was played a lot as the wear on the frets and fretboard show. I don’t know if he played in any bands or professionally. Mom remembers him playing it when she was young. All of that pre dates my grandmother who he met in the late 30’s. I’m still researching it and will update dates and particulars as I get them.”