Electar Bullet sn 5011

The museum purchased the Epiphone Electar Bullet microphone August 2015 on line from Blues Angel Music, Pensacola FL. No further history known.

“From the time of the introduction of the Electar line of electric musical instruments, Eppiphone offered the Bakelite Bullet microphone. As the name implied, this was indeed shaped like a bullet. It would “make a P.A. system of any guitar Amplifier”. The 1936 Electar catalog offered the microphone complete with an integral volume control, a twenty-foot attached cord and a three-section, chrome plated microphone stand. This accessory was still available in 1941, but was dropped from the catalog by 1949.” (F&F page 185) See also: Bullet

Electra mike 04
Electra mike 03
Electra mike 02

Electar catalog 1936

Epiphone catalog 1939
Electra mike cat1939 2