Epiphone guitarcases

Epiphone cases were available for all of their instruments. Cases could be purchased in either a ‘utility’ model, which was a covered fiberboard, or a ‘professional’ model, which was a covered three-ply wood veneer. The 1932 listing for cases specified that the utility models were covered in black Keratol and lined with fleece. Professional cases were covered in black leatherette and could be ordered with a choise of fleece, velvet or plush lining:

cases cat 1932

In the 1934 Epiphone catalog a third choise in cases was offered, called “Pro-Veneer”:

cases catalog 1934
Except for the Emperor that came complete with a genuine cowhide leather cover see picture , the 1936 catalog listed the same case choises as the 1934 catalog.  In 1939 a genuine leather-covered case was offered called the “De Luxe” case, which was covered in cowhide and lined in silk plush:

cases cat 1939 2

In 1949, the Epiphone cases were no longer referred by names but by numbers. (Jim Fisch & L.B. Fred, The House of Stathopoulo, 1996, pp. 181,182)

More info on E-logo cases and their manufacturers 1939–56, see:  Wiedler closeup #43

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