Vintage guitarcases

The guitarcases below were purchased together with the guitars that were in it. For more information on vintage Epiphone guitarcases, see  Epiphone cases. For more information about vintage guitar cases in general visit the site of Steve Kirtley : Vintage Musical Instrument Cases

18″  Geib (came with Emperor 15733)Case Emperor 15733 01

18″  Lifton brown (came with Emperor 58052)Case Emperor58052 01

17″  Lifton black (came with Broadway 52393)Case Broadway52393 01

17″  Harptone (came with Triumph 53579)Case Triumph53579 01

17″  Lifton brown (came with Triumph 56393)Case Triumph 56393 01

17″  Harptone (came with Triumph 66248)Case Triumph66248 01

16″  Geib Airplane Cloth (came with Century 68244)Case Century68244 01

16″  Lifton black (came with Blackstone 14816)Case Blackstone14816 01

16″ Lifton (came with Broadway 5053)Case Broadway 5053 01

16″  Harptone (came with Broadway 5319)Case Broadway5319 01

16″  Geib & Schaefer Masterkraft (came with Howard 7388)Case Howard7388 01

15″  Geib & Schaefer Masterkraft (came with Sorrentino Avon 8010)Case Sorrentino8010 01

15″  Geib & Schaefer Masterkraft (came with Royal 5721)Case Royal5721 01

15″  Lifton (came with Olympic 10130)Case Olympic10130 01