De Luxe s/n 12188

De Luxe 12188 pictures

The museum purchased  De Luxe s/n 12188 January 2010 from Gary’s Classic Guitars, Cincinnati, Ohio. Gary wrote us : We purchased this instrument from the wife of the original owner. They were from the State of New York. The guitar was professionally refinished many years ago.

May 2017 the instrument returned to the museum from the workshop of Dutch Luthier Hans de Louter who restored a small crack in the back, applied a neck reset, a refret, new bindings and a new natural shellac finish. see pictures 

The instrument is currently out on loan to Berry Selles (see picture below), noted Dutch guitar player and teacher for recording purposes.

DeLuxe 12188 specs

NOTE : In the process of refretting De Louter discovered that the purfling on the fingerboard is made of a compound like glaziers putty.stopverf