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Howard s/n 7388 : pictures

The museum purchased the instrument March 2012 from niceguitar. Together with the guitar came a very rare Howard pick (see picture). Before that it had been for sale at Southside Guitars, Brooklyn, NY. The guitar came in a Sorrentino case (manufactured by Geib & Schaefer) see picture. Sam Taylor of Southside Guitars wrote us March 2012:

“I remember the Epiphone Howard guitar. It was a very nice instrument. We sold it a long time ago but I remember we got it for a local guitar collector we trade with a lot. That’s really all I can tell you or remember.”

Howard GruhnCarter

Walter Carter wrote us April 2012: “Gruhn Guitars sold that guitar in the late 1980s, so George has had it in his hands. Aside from the f-holes, which do indeed look like those of an L-5, it’s very similar to an Epi Broadway. The Howard brand was apparently marketed by Wurlitzer, which was based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Other than the guitar, we don’t have any other evidence of the connection between Epi and Wurlitzer.”

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