Century Spanish s/n 68244

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The museum purchased the instrument July 2011 online from David Schallberger, Portland, OR, USA. No further history known.

The guitar came in a 16″ Geib tweed case. Steve Kertley wrote us January 2015:  
“The 16” is a Geib. This is confirmed by the “G” stamped on the latches. In addition it has an oval stamp on the bottom that probably says “Geib, Inc.” plus a trademark name. It is about 1940, give or take a couple years. This case was probably built for a National guitar. I believe that covering is a special pattern created just for National. This fabric is often called “tweed” but the proper term used in prewar advertising is “Airplane Cloth”. Of course lightweight luggage designed for airplane travel was very trendy and prestigious.”

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