Epiphone Blackstone

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When Epiphone introduced their Masterbilt archtops in 1931, the Blackstone was offered in Grand Concert size (14¾ inch lower bout) and priced $ 70. The 1932 catalog states: catalog 1932

Wiedler wrote us January 2013: ” I have never seen or heard of a surviving 1934 example with a ‘pointed peak’ headstock (mentioned in F&F page 262). I tend to believe this being a “myth” based on the badly retouched product shot in the 1934 catalog.” (see picture below)

Wiedler wrote us February 2015: “All the early Blackstones up to sn 18439 have the upper point of the parallelograms on the left. sn 19199 is the first Blackstone with the markers reversed (upper point on the right) – and all later examples are like that.” See also Wiedler : Blackstone s/n 16853 and Blackstone s/n 5707

According to Wiedler Epiphone produced from 1931-’49 around 3000 Blackstones of which now 293 examples have been registered.

Epiphone catalog 1934