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The Netherlands has quite a lot of excellent archtop players (now and in the past). The list shown below in alphabetical order is the result of our search on the internet, so it is by no means complete. If you like to add a video-link, feel free to contact us about it.


Eef Aalbers & Wim Overgaauw : Prelude to a kiss
Reinier Baas : Black Narcissus
Ton van Bergeijk : Singing the blues
Jan Blok : I couldn’t sleep a wink last night
Diederik Eggenkamp : concert Jazz & Pop open dag 
Anton Goudsmit : Robin Nolan Trio & Anton Goudsmit playing Ellington
Jos Groot : You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Maarten vd Grinten : I am Getting Sentimental Over You
Axel Hagen & Adrian Ingram : Remembering Charlie Christian
Thomas Hilbrandie : Surprise Misirlou
Don Hofstee : Body and Soul
Henk van den Hurk & Peter van Weerdenburg : Excalibur Blues
Durk Hijma : ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Enschede
Thomas Hilbrandie : Surprise
Martijn van Iterson & Rita Reys : Don’t Explain
Daan Kleijn : Lulu ‘s back in town
Arie Ligthart : Dutch Swing College Band 1960
Frenk van Meeteren : I can’t believe that you’re in love with me
Bastiaan Mulder : Joni Mitchell’s Open Guitar Tunings
Peter Nieuwerf : Route 66
Kees Nipius : My foolish heart
Ray Nijenhuis : Western Swing
Martien Oster : Take The ‘A’ Train
Ad Otte : Misty
Matt Otten : Improv on G jazz-blues
Jac. Pet : The Ramblers
Arie van der Reijden : Count your blisters
Jesse van Ruller : Beyond Speaking
Wim Sanders : It’s only a paper moon
Erik Sinnige : Fat Wallet Live
Bram Standhouders : Improvisations
Eric Terluin : Waltz for Claudia
Ed Verhoeff : Indian Summer
Tim van der Velden : Tenderly
Hans Vlig : Rosetta
Joost Zoeteman: Tenderly
Dutch Swing College Band : Documentary
The Ramblers : Documentary