Emperor s/n 15733

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Emperor s/n 15733 : pictures

The museum purchased the Emperor s/n 15733 December 2010 online from Joe Vinikow of archtopcom, Seattle, WA. The guitar came in an 18″ black Lifton case.

Joe wrote: “In 2009 in the shop of Lemuel Guitars, Seattle, WA, new frets were installed; the centerseam  was resealed and a patch of buckel wear were blended in with a bit of spot finish. Some touchup was added to the dark near the waist on both sides.”

emperor 15733 specs
NOTE: According to Eric van der Hoeven the sides of the “V” are seperated from the corresponding sides by strips of ebony instead of the rosewood fingerboard wood.

Wiedler wrote us December 2012: “When a guitar was later repaired or refurbished at the factory, Epiphone often applied a newer type label with the old s/n typed in.”