De Luxe s/n 5051

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De Luxe s/n 5051 : pictures

The museum purchased the De Luxe s/n 5051 April 2010 on line from Gary’s Classic Guitars, Cincinnati, Ohio. No further history known.

NOTE: The instrument has a bridge with s/n 9579 blind stamped on the underside of the bridgefoot. The bridge once was a part of the De Luxe s/n 9579. One wonders whether the original bridge of De Luxe s/n 5051 is still around somewere. If you have any information on the matter, please let us know.

De Luxe 6918 volute

NOTE: A special feature on the 16 inch De Luxe is the neck-volute. A volute is a carved built up area of the neck to prevent a guitar from  breaking at the weak area by the nut, but it can also be merely ornamental.

Deluxe 5051 specs
Felix Wiedler wrote us : “About the new label, my theory: when an instrument went back to the Epiphone factory for a repair/refurbish they often applied a new label with the original s/n typed in. I imagine this happened to 5051 De Luxe – my guess is that it got repaired in 1936-1940 (s/n 10000-15400 range) with a new top (1-piece f-holes), squared-off fretboard end, white pickguard, and a new label of the period.

This being said, maybe Epiphone also applied a new bridge, which could explain the current bridge with serialnumber 9579.