Neck pictures


Mahogany, one piece neck01


Mahogany, one maple centerstripe neck02


Mahogany, 2 maple centerstripes neck03


Maple, 2 mahogany centerstripes neck05 nahogany


Maple, 3 mahogany centerstripes neck07


Maple, 2 walnut centerstripes neck06 walnut


Cherry, one piece neck09 cherry


Cherry, 2 mahogany centerstripes neck08

“Necks with triple center laminates changed around SN 6000 from thin to wider outer laminates. This change happened in the DeLuxe, Broadway and Triumph models around the same time/SN. The latest example with thin outer laminates I have recorded in Triumph SN 5994. ”  (Wiedler, Facebook, 24 March 2021)


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