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The list shown below in alphabetical order – by authors name – is the result of our search on the internet. It is by no means complete, so If you like to add an article, feel free to let us know.


Chad Bartel : The rising cost of tonewood
Bob Benedetto : Acoustic Archtop Guitar Bracing
Rolly Brown : Interview George Van Eps
Paul Burch : The amazing tale of Epi Stathopoulo
Bob Campbell : Johnny Smith
Jim Carlton : Billy Bauer
Deke Dickerson : Jimmie Widener’s Emperor
Epiphone newsletter : Acquisition of Fisch & Fred Collection
Epiphone newsletter : Epiphone Historic Collection
Epiphone newsletter : Epiphone : 140 years
Epiphone interview : Dave Berryman
Epiphone interview : Dave Rawlings
Epiphone pdf : Epiphone Historic Collection
Ruurd Feitsma : The Tale of Benny Jackson’s De Luxe
Ruurd Feitsma : Tudor 9082 : Two owners in a hundred years
Ruurd Feitsma : Bucky Pizzarelli’s Emperor pickguard
Ruurd Feitsma : The initials on De Luxe 6972
Finger Lakes Guitar Repair : Triumph thrussrod replacement
L.B. Fred : Epiphone Zephyr De Luxe Regent and Zephyr Amplifier
Hans Gatu : The Egmond Story
Ted Greene : Interview George Van Eps
Larry Grinnell : George Van Eps
George Gruhn : Golden Era Instruments
Guitar Specialist : Restoration of a Gretsch Archtop
Gypsy Jazz UK : Django’s Epiphone Guitar
Steve Herberman : Zeb Julian
Dave Hunter : All About Archtop Acoustics
Blair Jackson : The Gallery of Iconic Guitars opens in Nashville
Fernando Alonso Jaén : The Archtop Jazz Guitar
Jayson Kerr Dobney : Archtop Guitars and Mandolins
Luthiers Mercantile International : French Polish
Lutherie.net discussion 2 : arched / pressed / domed / flat
Rob MacKillop : Earliest Non-Gibson Archtop Guitars
Rob MacKillop : Ivor Mairants
Jas Obrecht : Floyd Smith
Ken Parker : Installing a trussrod
Alan di Perna : The House That Epi Built
Hank Risan collection (auction day 1) : The Artistry of the Guitar
Hank Risan collection (auction day 2) : The Artistry of the Guitar
Andy Simons : Black British Swing
Michael John Simmons : Epiphone Inspiration
Daniel Slaman : Jazz Manhatta
Stefan Sonntag : Archtop jazz guitar bracing
Jonathan Stout : The realities of playing Acoustic Swing Rhythm Guitar
Jonathan Stout : 1932 Epiphone De Luxe
Jonathan Stout : Guitar String Composition and Swing Guitar – 2018 Update
John Thomas : Guitar passport
The National Herald : The Rise of the House of Stathopoulos
Veneer.net : Matching between leaves
Felix Wiedler : BLOG Close-up
Jake Wildwood : 1932 Epiphone Masterbilt De Luxe carved-top archtop guitar